Keynote speech: Design and Development of Greener Concrete by Using Industrial By-Products and Waste Materials for Circular Economy

Prof. Rafat Siddique

Dean, Research and Development & Senior Professor of Civil Engineering at Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology (Deemed University), India

Abstract: There is exponential growth in the generation of waste materials & industrial by-products from manufacturing processes, service industries and municipal solid wastes.  As a result, solid waste management has become one of the major environmental concerns in the world. With increasing awareness about environment, scarcity of space for land-filling and due to its ever increasing cost, waste materials and by-product utilization has become an attractive alternative to disposal. Utilization of such materials has gained significant importance in the development of sustainable greener cement-based materials.  There are several types of waste materials/by-products such as fly ash, bottom ash, foundry sand, scrap-tires, cement kiln dust, waste glass, recycled plastic, dredged materials, MSW ash, etc. Extensive work has been reported on the influence of such materials on the fresh, strength and durability properties of concrete. Use of such materials in concrete not only makes it economical, but also help in reducing disposal and environmental related issues.  This presentation is about the possible uses of some of these materials in the development of sustainable greener concrete.